• Eliminates the costly annealing process

  • Improved stabilization over other shrink inhibitors

  • Improved process controls

  • Reduces scrap

  • Significant reductions in start up costs

  • Reduces inventory complexity

  • Maximizes extrusion speed, thus allowing for dramatic improvements in productivity

  • Superior dimensional stability for life of part

  • Eliminates costly delays and setups common to other shrinkage inhibitors

  • Regrind options available

  • 100% adhesion to substrate material is achieved with Addcoat Technology

  • Regulates speed of extrusion, a critical element in variable extrusion technology

  • The fact that the plastic in semi-molten state has stabilization creates tremendous opportunities for substantial improvements in processing and dimensional control

  • Superior process and dimensional control translates to superior quality

  • Design flexibility

ISO 9001:2015

Sankyo America Inc. has expertise in automotive plastics and material management. Our commitment is not just to provide customers with competitive products and engineering support, but Sankyo's additional value to customers and vendors is to take the cost out of distribution, warehousing, inventory control, and other related administrative work loads.

Sankyo America, Inc. is 9001:2015 Registered