Sankyo America, Inc. strives to take cost out from inventory / logistics / warehousing / distribution systems in order to provide higher productivity in the material management system and obtain customer and vendor satisfaction.

We can achieve this through repalletizing and repackaging (upon customer's request). Sankyo America delivers less than pallet quantities of 55lb bags or small containers. Also, we are able to reduce shipping quantities from carton packaging to 55lb bags for small delivery service.

Sankyo America offers specialized warehousing and small quantity delivery services to resin manufacturers, utilizing our material handling and logistics expertise. This also includes consolidation of several small volumes and difficult to manage materials and orders.


  • Inventory Control

  • Multiple Products per delivery

  • Multiple customers per delivery

  • Truckload volume orders to vendors

  • Frequent shipments

  • FIFO rotation

  • Technical Liaison

  • Global contacts

Sankyo Service Areas:

ISO 9001:2015

Sankyo America Inc. has expertise in automotive plastics and material management. Our commitment is not just to provide customers with competitive products and engineering support, but Sankyo's additional value to customers and vendors is to take the cost out of distribution, warehousing, inventory control, and other related administrative work loads.

Sankyo America, Inc. is 9001:2015 Registered