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Combined Ordering Quantities to Supplier

Lead Time


Single Source

Frequent Milk Run




Line Side


Model introductions often require follow up years in advance


Advantages for Customers

Opportunities for Suppliers

Benefit from Sankyo's large purchasing volumes

Low on site inventory

Customer Consolidation - One purchase order for all materials

Consolidated freight service without LTL premium

Dedicated purchasing staff for over 40 plastics; extensive industry coverage

Supplier consolidations have reduced available technical support for automotive molders

Each program receives critical sampling and technical analysis

Improve turnaround times on localizations of Japanese materials - to promote cost saving efforts internally

Receive 30 day firm orders and 90 day forecast for truckload quantities

Regular truckload deliveries matched to production schedule

Supplier Consolidation -

Enchanced Shipping Service without additional overhead

Avoid LTL surcharge with improved service

Single source for all purchasing information - streamlined order / administrative effort

Improved technical service focuses limited engineering resources to meet automotive molders increasingly high standards

Intensive program follow up yields follow on business as molders extend business with key suppliers

Meet all of the internal molding and testing requirements in Japan and North America with one phone call

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