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We at Sankyo provide inventory control and delivery management with:

  • Buying in bulk

  • Warehousing

  • First in, first out inventory control

  • Minimum order delivery of multiple grades on one pruchase order

  • JIT delivery

  • Forecasting for vendors' production planning

  • Immediate customer feedback

  • Focusing on logistics to remove cost from the system

Efficient engineering release and purchasing decisions, and manufacturing are all affected by a growing global automotive industry.

With our presence in the USA and Japan, along with years of experience in the U.S automotive industry, we offer advantages to both vendor and customer by coordinating:

  • Early stages of program development

  • Program management

  • Program kickoffs

  • Backup alternatives

  • Quality assurance support

Product specifications:

  • Customer Thermoplastics

  • Film

  • Tapes

  • Wire

  • Adhesives

  • Grease

  • Specialty Products


  • Help in defining engineering specifications

  • Sample & evaluation follow ups

  • Secure final engineering release

  • Total customer satisfaction

  • Single point of contact for multiple vendors

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