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Sankyo America is committed to providing customers with competitive products and technical liaison support in addition to helping reduce the cost of distribution, warehousing, inventory control and other related administrative workloads, while continuously striving to improve our processes to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Established:  1987

Capital:          $2 million

Employees:    21

Office:             Indianapolis, IN

Warehouses:  Indianapolis, IN

                        Cincinnati, OH

                        Laredo, TX

                        San Francisco, CA

                        Monterrey, Mexico

Main Business:

Supply various Import/Domestic plastic materials used for diverse applications mainly in the automotive industry. Offers exclusive inventory control and delivery management system.


1987 Established in Indianapolis, IN with $100,000               capital

1989 Company relocates its headquarters and                       warehouse to Park Fletcher, Indianapolis, IN

1995 Company relocates its headquarters and                       warehouse to Park 100, Indianapolis, IN

1996 Annual sales exceeds $10 million


1997 Company expands Indianapolis warehouse                   from 12,800 to 19,200


1999 Sales office opens in Columbus, OH

         Company expands Indianapolis warehouse                   from 19,200 to 32,000


2000 Company obtains exclusive distributorship                     agreement with Nippon Ply

          Company opens a sales office in Detroit, MI

2001 Company opens a warehouse in Laredo, TX

         Company expands Indianapolis warehouse                    from 32,000 to 38,000

         Company increases its capital to $1 million

2002 Company expands Indianapolis warehouse                   from 38,000 to 51,000

           Company increases its capital to $1.3 million

           Company opens a warehouse in El Paso, TX

2003  Company obtains ISO9001:2000

2004 Sales office opens in Erlanger, KY

          Company increases its capital to $1.7 million

2005 Company increases its capital to                                  $2 million

2006 Mr. Katsuyama became CEO

          Mr. Kishimoto became President


2009 Company opens a warehouse                                       in Monterrey, Mexico

           Company opens a warehouse in San                           Francisco, CA

           Company obtains ISO9001:2008


2010 Ogawa arrives as EVP

          Regional sales office opens in Michigan


2011 Magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami                       hit Japan

         Business with North American Lighting                         begins

         Koike arrives as General Manager

2012 Business with Aisin Electronics,                                     IL begins

         Business with MCPP begins

         Warehouse expands to 52,000 sq ft

2013 Sankyo Mexico office established

         Business with Aisin Canada begins

         Business with NAL Alabama begins

         Sales reached record $62 million

         Business with Alpha Jalisco established

         Opened warehouses in Silao                                         and Queretaro, Mexico

2015 Indianapolis office relocates to 8421 Bearing               Drive, Suite 100

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