Coated insert wire stabilizer for TPE, PVC, & EPDM profile extrusion. Improves extrusion speed and process control. Addcoat wire is precoated to adhesion to olefin, vinyl, and rubber substrates. Addcoat wire is an excellent shrinkage inhibitor.

  • Wire sizes: 0.25mm & 0.40mm

  • Applicatons: Olefin (AD-O), Vinyl (AD-R), Rubber (SP AD-E)

  • Wire types: Brass, brass plated steel (SP-AD)

ADDCOAT TECHNOLOGY provides the very best and most cost effective linear stabilization available today. Over the past 10 years, 2 billion meters have been produced and only 1 adhesive related failure has been reported. We are very proud of the quality and performance of this product.

Today, ADDCOAT TECHNOLOGY is used on 90% of all window molding applications at Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Also, 90% of passenger vehicles in Japan use Nippon Ply wires.

ISO 9001:2015

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