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In June 1987, Sankyo America, Inc. was established at 2625 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, with Mr. Imai as President. Sankyo America's purpose was to serve Aisin and develop business with Japanese transplants and to build a relationship with suppliers in North America.

With increased sales and a need for shipments, Sankyo soon moved to a new location with warehouse availability and began to acquire the knowledge to suit these new progressions. Throughout the next four years, additional employees were added to the company and by 1993 sales reached $5.3 million. With another move in 1995, the warehouse was expanded drastically and sales quickly exceeded $10 million. Thus began a series of events of expansion to accommodate this new sales growth.


A new office in Columbus, Ohio began operation.


The Detroit, Michigan office opened to support further growth.


A remote warehouse was contracted in Laredo, Texas to serve customers in Mexico.


An additional remote site warehouse opened in El Paso, Texas.


An additional office opened in Cincinnati, Ohio because the Columbus office closed.


-The Erlanger, Kentucky office opened with 3 employees to serve customers in that region.

-Gan Forwarding opened as an additional remote site warehouse in Laredo, Texas.


-Gan Forwarding to Bruni NY.

-The San Francisco warehouse started.

-Joe Reed office in Michigan closed.


-The Erlanger, Kentucky office closed.

-The El Paso warehouse opened.


The Jeff Saint Michigan office opened.

Through many sales and distribution agreements as well as continued warehouse and inventory management system improvements, Sankyo America has become a solid business with sales exceeding $30 million. We continually strive to reach customer satisfaction.

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